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Feb 3 / Tom

A photographer’s life..

Feb 1 / Tom

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-01

Feb 1 / Tom

Not there yet (transports in Ireland)

Jan 29 / Tom

Dirtiest Hotels – Europe

(based on TripAdvisor traveler reviews)

for more info have a look at http://www.tripadvisor.com/DirtyHotels-g4

Jan 25 / Tom

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

  • gorgeous INTER! such an awesome match!!! bye bye milan >:-D #
  • Played Monopoly after almost 20 years and I won! 😀 but now they use credit card and no cash :-/ http://twitgoo.com/c6yv7 #
  • when i grow up i'll be a photographer #
Jan 24 / Tom

Inter vs Milan: 2-0!

yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! such a wonderful match! 😀

Jan 22 / Tom

Ikea is now selling cars

good luck :)

Jan 18 / Tom

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-18

Jan 13 / Tom

In case you have some change..

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Jan 11 / Tom

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-11

  • graaaaaaaaaaaaande Inter!!! such an exciting match! 😀
  • Calabria, Italy.. a never ending shame.. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jan/08/standoff-italy-four-africans-wounded
  • White, white, white http://twitgoo.com/bbg4m
  • think twice before booking ryanair,check fees at http://bit.ly/5Ng1DLNow you pay also if you use Visa Electron >:(
  • Just -6 in Dublin, tonigth ice-skating to come back home (no salt left in the Country)
  • http://www.google.com/phone/ got it, bye bye iphone!
  • the Gmail antispam is fantastic, you should check it out! gmail.com
  • So much snow!